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Transition Through Analysis, Alignment and Execution
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Through the application of all these elements of experience, we believe that the most valuable thing we bring is “business judgment”.  

A Focus on You and Your Business Not Simply Doing a Deal

We are focused on your success and the whole picture:

We are retained as your advisor, and don’t take transaction success fees.

We recognize you are planning for an event that is in the future, not necessarily today. Our purpose is to have you in the best possible position to achieve your goal, when the time is right. 
  • We tailor our role to meet the unique needs of your business and personal situation.
  • We act as advisors to you and your management.
  • We can also step in to directly support your management.
We take a team approach, bringing skilled resources to bear.

We cover a lot of ground, but also recognize the need to bring in outside advisors—our role is to help ensure you get a coordinated effort and optimal outcome.

We don’t compete with other experts (lawyers, accountants, wealth managers, investment bankers) but rather are complementary.
Experience to meet your needs

Our background and approach make us effective. After starting and running our own businesses, and after years working with private equity funds, investors and lenders helping them acquire or recapitalize businesses, we believe we are ideally positioned to assist the business owner on the other side of the table.

  • We know how to optimize business performance:
    • We have worked as entrepreneurs in startups and acquisitions.
    • We have helped private equity firms and lenders build value in their portfolios companies through acquisitions and performance improvement.
    • We have helped companies and investors through turnaround and restructuring.
  • We understand your perspective:
    • We have started companies and built businesses ourselves.
    • We have bought companies and we have sold companies; we have helped others do it. 
  • We are experts in strategy and planning. 
  • We know financial structure:
    • We have assisted companies and investors prepare for and execute sales and acquisitions—not to earn a transaction fee but to maximize value and ensure success. 
  • We have worked in the world of professional investors and complex investment:
    • We understand private equity and venture capital perspectives and practices.
    • We understand the criticality of family and partner relationships to a successful plan.
  • We have relationships with a range of experts who can address specialized aspects of your needs:
    • Accountants
    • Lawyers (business, transaction, labor, litigation)
    • Trust and estate attorneys
    • Real estate experts
    • Wealth managers
    • Investment bankers and brokers
    • Lenders


About UsOur PrinciplesBuilding Value in Middle Market CompaniesAssisting Owners in TransitionFamily BusinessIndustry ExperienceTeamContact Us