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Transition Through Analysis, Alignment and Execution
The Game Plan

Step 1: Develop a deep business assessment

  • “Scrubdown”—an objective, in-depth assessment of where you are, the real issues and opportunities facing the business
Step 2: Crystalize your objectives
  • Understand and clarify your own objectives, incorporating the understanding developed during the scrubdown

Step 3: Optimize results and enhance value

  • Action plans to improve performance based on the scrubdown
  • Measurement tools and processes to ensure focus and accountability
  • Strengthened planning and forecasting processes to build credibility

Step 4: Build credible, accountable business planning

  • Implementation plan with clearly identified actions, investments, expected results, timing and milestones
Step 5: Align the team and investors
  • Management assessment and organizational adjustment
  • Management compensation and incentive alignment
  • Current investor/lender assessment and negotiation strategy
  • Financial restructuring or interim financing (if required)
  • Family integration/alignment
  • We can step in to augment management resources as need on a temporary basis 

Step 6: Build the internal and external story

  • Gather the information needed
  • Develop the business valuation story (financials, strategy, value, proposition)
  • Create the “book”
  • Develop presentation materials
  • Secure an outside audit or “review” of financials as needed
  • Coach management how to tell the story
Step 7: Coordinate the resource team
  • Identify and secure additional advisor services as required
  • Coordinate with advisors (legal, accounting, tax, real estate, other)
  • Assist in strategy and negotiations with investment bankers, brokers and buyers
  • Support your transactional advisors to improve their effectiveness
Step 8: Execute the plan
  • Build a plan for the transition process (responsibilities, timeline, milestones)
  • Execute

Step 9: Monitor, evaluate and adjust
  • Ongoing monthly review process


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