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Transition Through Analysis, Alignment and Execution
Family Business

With deep, hands-on business expertise, we partner with clients
to improve their businesses, strengthening their families.



Many treat the family business challenge primarily as an issue of governance and interpersonal dynamics.  But never be mistaken—success in the business is at the foundation.  A successful business can be the engine driving a successful family.  Growth and profitability in your business don’t just create wealth; they can also create a variety of opportunities for family fulfillment and coming together.

  • We treat the issues of business and family as something that needs to come into harmony.
  • We believe the business can be a unifying anchor for the family.  But this needs to be based on the realities at hand, both in the company and in the individuals involved.
  • We help management and family members understand how focus and cooperation put everyone in a better place.
  • We work to build smooth plans toward transition in leadership, plans that makes sense and everyone can reconcile.
  • We believe effective family participation takes realistic skill assessment, matched with business realities.
  • We balance relentless focus on the long-term success of your business with compassion and understanding.

We work with you and your other advisors to bring together:

Business Execution

Family Involvement

Family Goals

·  Performance improvement

·  Leadership and management structure, continuity

·  Strategy

·  Transfer/sale strategies

·  Financing

·  Outside advisors

·  Governance (family/outside)

·  Effective, meaningful family business participation

·  Succession planning

·  Communication

·  Alignment strategies

·  Wealth transfer objectives

·  Family collaboration

·  Individual fulfillment

·  Family identity

·  Philanthropy

We work with—and do not compete with—your retained advisors:

  • Family offices
  • Wealth mangers
  • Legal advisors
  • Estate planners

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