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Dave McCarthy is especially effective at developing and executing business plans in challenged environments in conjunction with current management or as an interim manager. “

Matt Kraus--General Partner, Celerity Partners


Over time some portfolio companies lose their way.  Markets and competitive landscapes change.  Management teams can lose focus and effectiveness.  Follow-on acquisitions may or may not be well conceived or executed; integration is almost always difficult. Too often, private equity funds cannot respond effectively, or soon enough, with a result that can impair the return on the entire portfolio.

Armed with an operating background managing in venture and private equity-backed companies, we facilitate the ability to “take action”, without impairing the relationship or trust between private equity investors and portfolio company management.  We are able to assist at every step of the investment life cycle process to:


  • Support in-depth due diligence on the “front end” of investing
  • Validate and develop confidence in portfolio company plans
  • Perform in-depth reviews of portfolio companies
  • Optimize strategies and business models
  • Drive improved performance in all areas of the business
  • Make sure acquisitions “go right”
  • Assess management strengths & weaknesses
  • “Backstop” management where people or skills are missing
  • Step into troubled situations to take action early, before it is too late


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