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Transition Through Analysis, Alignment and Execution

Whether dealing with operational, financial or legal issues,Dave McCarthy breaks through complexity to get to an answer quickly.  Dave has been a true partner to us; we trust him and he delivers.

Virginia Rollins--Partner, Salem Halifax Capital Partners

Lenders facing difficult situations seek a path to avoid foreclosure or liquidation.  They may just want to help get a borrower back on track.  Sometimes they simply need a realistic assessment of what is happening and what their real options are.  Whatever the case, a clear assessment is essential.


While working with sponsors and management, lenders may still need a skilled, independent resource to represent their interests.  A partner with strong operations and finance capabilities provides lenders the assurance that they can maximize their options to protect enterprise value, regardless of the restructuring scenario taken. In playing this role, we:

  • Get to the “truth” in the numbers, going deeper and getting there faster
  • Validate and develop confidence in company plans
  • Create achievable restructuring scenarios
  • Find operating-based solutions and restore profitability under restructuring, avoiding liquidation
  • Clearly assess the ability of the management team to execute successfully in a restructuring scenario
  • Become prepared to “step in” if required (as management or as CRO)
  • Position the company and support it through whatever path is taken: investment, sale or formal restructuring (bankruptcy, 363, ABC, foreclosure)


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