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Transition Through Analysis, Alignment and Execution
Our Principles

Core principles drive our effectiveness:

Rapid realistic assessment
We dive deeply into the details of the business, driving our understanding with fact-based analysis.  We get to the truth.

Action plans driving change
Analysis helps, but only detailed action plans bring change. We develop comprehensive execution plans and then manage against them, linking strategic goals with targeted endpoints to achieve success.

Comprehensive skill set
Our experience spans strategy, operations, and finance.  We have also dealt with complex legal issues, contracts, partnering and licensing issues.

Operational execution
First and foremost, we are operators.  Most often, execution problems get you into trouble; in the end, execution will bring you back on course.  Financial restructuring alone is rarely enough.  While we have strong expertise in finance and restructuring, it is our operating experience that brings unique dimension and superior results to what we do.

Aligning complex relationships
Acting as an independent force, we bring alignment of interests between management, partners, family, outside investors, creditors, and advisors.  Whether working in support of the management team, or taking on direct leadership responsibility, we bring a balance of analysis, creativity, persuasion and diplomacy, navigating relationships to maintain momentum and achieve success.

Leadership across multiple roles
Transitional execution requires the ability to react quickly: as CEO in one moment, deep in the accounting system in the next,  followed up with a  sales pipeline meeting, and then a trip to the shop floor.  Recognizing the need for flexibility, we tailor our role to fit the situation and the skills resident within the company and its stakeholders.

Performance accountability
We judge ourselves on results.  Based on our commitment to our clients' success, we will structure our compensation based on achieved outcomes.

A compelling value proposition for the middle market
We keep our overhead low and we don’t carry large staff.  This translates into efficiency we pass on to our clients.  In simple terms, we deliver experienced, high value resources and real results at a better value.


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