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Transition Through Analysis, Alignment and Execution

Many a middle market company CEO or Owner will tell you that he or she could sure use a second set of hands and another 12 hours in the day.

The challenges come from any number of directions—take your pick.  New technologies and competitors have emerged, taking sales and compressing margins.  Core parts of the business aren’t performing the way they used to, and it’s not really clear what is driving cost and profit performance.  Investment and acquisition opportunities bring benefits and risk, but the skills may not be internally available to perform a deep evaluation, and execution is always a challenge.

Quick answers and tough decisions are needed, requiring an independent assessment with a plan and commitment to follow up.  Unfortunately, what the CEO/Owner too often hears is why “things can’t change.”

The CEO/Owner needs a partner who understands and has managed through real operating challenges.  We understand the dynamics of working with staff on these difficult issues, as well as the realities of working with investors and lenders.

Having faced these problems in numerous middle market companies, we can assist the CEO/Owner define, plan and execute:


  • Product line/business line profitability assessment
  • Job costing system development and integration
  • Cost reduction/value improvement
  • Pricing strategies
  • Sales process management
  • Acquisition or divestiture support (due diligence, valuation, structure, integration)
  • Organization alignment (staffing/compensation/incentives)
  • Development and communications of realistic strategic and operating plans to investors and lenders
  • Key Performance Indicator (”KPI”) systems to monitor, assess and drive focus on productivity and performance


About UsOur PrinciplesBuilding Value in Middle Market CompaniesAssisting Owners in TransitionFamily BusinessIndustry ExperienceTeamContact Us